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Blackwall railway station was a railway station in Blackwall, London, that served as the eastern terminus of the London and Blackwall Railway. It was located on the south side of the East India Docks, near the shore of the River Thames. It opened on 6 July 1840 with services connecting with a ferry service to Gravesend. Passenger services were withdrawn on 3 May 1926, but it continued to function as a goods station until the demise of the docks in the late 1960s .

Today no trace of the station remains, and the Docks have been filled in (although a small basin remains). Its approximate location is taken up by houses on Jamestown Way. The station site is some way away from the present-day Blackwall Station on the DLR; the closest existing station is actually East India Station, which is slightly to the north-west of the station site.

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