Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 15 November 2017

Sophie Kinsella (author)

Some fiction-writers clearly love London. Sophie Kinsella lives there and wrote the following on pages 19-20 of her novel My not so Perfect Life:

"As long as I can remember, I've wanted out of Somerset. I've wanted London. I never had boy bands on my bedroom wall. I had the Tube map. Posters of the London Eye and the Gherkin.
"The first internship I managed to scrape was in Birmingham, and that's a big city too. It's got the shops, the glamour, the buzz . . . but it's not London. It doesn't have that London-ness that makes my heart soar. The skyline. The history. Walking past Big Ben and hearing it chime, in real life. Standing in the same Tube stations that you've seen in a million films about the Blitz. Feeling that you're in one of the best ci…
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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 12 August 2015

Achievements - haha

Special:Statistics said, a few minutes ago, "... Page edits since London Wiki was set up  |  37,933 ...". So my 4-leaf clover, awarded a couple of minutes before, for the 34,000th edit was probably based on fiction. My other badges are based on reality, and there were none awarded for my edits in the previous decade, so I'm satisfied that I've earned my 4th ranking and expect to be 3rd soon. But it doesn't really mean much. The top two achievers are the real workers here, as can be seen at Special:ListUsers if you set it to show contributors with 100+ edits. Keep it up!

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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 25 July 2015

More templates

I've copied or adapted a few more templates. Some folks may find them useful; anyone who doesn't can ignore them.

should be added to the top of any category that should not be used - e.g. because of misspelling or undesirable Title Case - indicating the correct category. Unlike most namespaces, a category redirect doesn't actually move anything. People (or Bots) have to edit the pages to correct the category. But the template remains as a warning and guide to any later editors who mistakenly put another page in the wrong category.

Some of the other templates relate to Wikimedia Commons, a great repository of free stuff, particularly images. I recommend that one of you admins seek the enabling of InstantCommons, which has been a huge boon sin…

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Robin Patterson Robin Patterson 24 July 2015

Improve the top menus

Clicking "Community > Help" takes one very unhelpfully to a redirect on Community Central. It should instead take one to a local help page such as Help:Contents. "Community > top_users" gives one a clickable list but with no indication of how they are "top"; you should have a page about top users, maybe with an occasionally-updated list of their edit totals and a link to the achievements board. In Category:Community, of course. Some wikis also have a link to Category:Blog posts under the "Community" heading.

"Landmarks > The O2" takes you to a redirect, which is not even to a landmark but to an indoor arena. A better target could be The London Eye. Clicking the "Landmarks" heading leads correctly to to Category:Landmarks, but that needs mor…

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JuliaPierce JuliaPierce 18 June 2012

Favorite London landmark?

What is your favorite London landmark?

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JuliaPierce JuliaPierce 17 June 2012

Who had been to London?

Has anyone other than me been to London? If you did, then leave an answer in the comments!

As there are effectively only three people frequently active on this wiki, responses to blog posts are likely to be limited. Jackiespeel 10:10, June 18, 2012 (UTC)

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Closedaccount221122112234 Closedaccount221122112234 15 April 2010

Great Wikia

"Friendly Moderators, Easy to use:

This website has truly Insipired me! I just would like to know: How did it become so popular?

Italay90 19:27, April 15, 2010 (UTC)

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