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Hyde Park Corner is a London Underground station near Hyde Park Corner in Hyde Park. It is in Travelcard Zone 1, between Knightsbridge and Green Park on the Piccadilly Line.


The original, Leslie Green-designed station building still remains to the south of the road junction, notable by its ox-blood coloured tiles; it is currently used as a pizza restaurant. The building was taken out of use in the early 1930s when the station was provided with escalators in place of lifts although an emergency stairway provides a connection to the platforms. The lift shafts are now used to provide ventilation. This non-operational part of the station is said to be chillingly haunted by the sound of girls crying, so station staff are reluctant to visit this part of the station at night.

When the station was rebuilt with escalators the adjacent little-used station at Down Street to the east (towards Green Park) was taken out of use.

Station Information[]

It is one of the few stations which have no associated buildings above ground, the station being fully underground. The current entrance to the station is accessed from within the pedestrian underpass system around the Hyde Park Corner junction.

When the central section of the Piccadilly Line is closed (such as after the 7 July 2005 London bombings), the station becomes the terminus of the western part due to the presence of a crossover tunnel to the east of the station.

Paranormal Events[]

The station, like many on the underground has had numerous encounters with ghosts and spirits. Many have been focused around, escalators switching themselves on when they have been turned off, faces of ghostly spirits in the station booking hall, etc. Station staff have reported seeing these unexplained ghosts to many people. Some staff have seen the ghosts and not returned to the station. The station was also on The History Channel's programme entitled 'Ghosts on the Underground'.

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