Illtyd Harrington (14 July 1931-1 October 2015) was a Labour Party politician.

Born in South Wales, Harrington trained to become a school teacher and moved to London.

He entered local politics as a member of Paddington Borough Council in 1959. When Paddington was absorbed into the enlarged City of Westminster in 1965 he became a member of the city council losing his seat in 1968 but regaining it in 1971 and holding it until 1978. He was leader of the Labour Group on the city council from 1972-74.

He was a member of the Greater London Council for most of its existence, as a councillor representing Brent 1964-67, as an alderman 1970-73 and as a councillor for Brent South 1973-86. He was Chairman of the GLC for 1984-85.

Information here [1]; an extensive writer of letters and articles in various newspapers.

Wikipedia page [2] and obituary here [3].

File PREM 16/457 1974-5 at The National Archives and Lambeth Archive LBK/DEHCS/PN/1 refer.

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