There are 39 stops on the Croydon Tramlink network, all of which are in zones 3, 4, 5 and 6. There are 3 routes serving all the stops, with a fourth route planned.

Unlike the original trams, there are only a few stops located at roadsides, and the majority of these are in central Croydon.

The opening dates of stations/stops are for the opening date of the Tramlink service to there, not the original opening dates of stations.

Stop Routes Interchanges Opened Zone(s)
Addington Village3-20006
Addiscombe1, 2-20005
Ampere Way3-20005
Arena1, 2-20005
Avenue Road2, 2-20004
Beckenham Junction2National Rail20004
Beckenham Road2-20004
Beddington Lane3-20004
Belgrave Walk3-20004
Birkbeck2National Rail20004
Blackhorse Lane1, 2-20004
Centrale1, 2, 3-20055
Church Street1, 2, 3-20005
Coombe Lane3-20006
Dundonald Road3-20003
East Croydon1, 2, 3National Rail20005
Elmers End1National Rail20004
George Street1, 2, 3-20005
Gravel Hill3-20006
Harrington Road2-20005
King Henry's Drive3-20006
Lebanon Road1, 2, 3-20005
Lloyd Park3-20005
Merton Park3-20003
Mitcham Junction3National Rail20004
Morden Road3-20004
New Addington3-20006
Phipps Bridge3-20004
Reeves Corner3-20005
Sandilands1, 2, 3-20005
Therapia Lane3-20005
Waddon Marsh3-20005
Wandle Park3-20005
Wellesley Road1, 2, 3-20005
West Croydon1, 2, 3National Rail20005
Wimbledon3District line, National Rail20003
Woodside1, 2-20004
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