A short-lived body charged with dealing with residuary matters arising from the winding up of the Greater London Council; when the Inner London Education Authority was wound up, the LRB dealt with the remaining aspects of that body in turn.

Its sole chairman was Sir Godfrey 'Tag' Taylor, appointed on 26 July 1985

The remaining membership of the body was announced in August 1985:[1]

The LRB initially took on 4,331 of 21,500 staff from the abolished GLC.[4]

The LRB was tasked with disposing of the GLC's assets: the largest and hardest to dispose of being County Hall and Hampstead Heath.

By the middle of June 1996 the LRB had a single employee, and it was formally wound up at the end of that month.[5]

The Wikipedia page is [1]

See also Workspace Group, who took on 18 properties from the LRB.

There are a few traces of the LRB - including a mention on a plaque next to Tottenham Hale Station car park.


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