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Mavelstone Road is located in the Bickley area of the London Borough of Bromley, a major suburb of Greater London.

This residential road dates from early in the Edwardian period. It is notable because, although it is located in one of the wealthier areas of one of Greater London’s more affluent suburbs, it remains unpaved. This is due to its unadopted status; i.e. the borough council is not responsible for the road's maintenance. Because of its poor surface, it is relatively untravelled and is something of a backwater that has escaped the attentions of developers. As a result, Mavelstone Road has retained an unusually high proportion of its original large early 20th century residences, & its character led it to be designated a Conservation Area by the London Borough of Bromley. Examples of such residences are ‘Stotfold', 'Manor Place' and ‘The Mount’. Although these buildings were converted fromsingle-family homes into flats many years ago, they are externally largely unchanged. It is noteworthy that 'Stotfold' (built in 1908-9) is a grade II listed building and is also on the statutory list of buildings of architectural or historic interest. Both Mavelstone Close and Mount Close were developed in the middle 1950s off Mavelstone Road; houses in these roads are typical of that decade's style, however many are being demolished & replaced with larger houses constructed to meet market demands. Park Farm Road, which adjoins Mavelstone Road, is also unadopted and unpaved. It too has some fine examples of Arts and Crafts Movement residential architecture.

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