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Reece Kempley is an English former football coach from Stepney.[1] He was left in 2017 with a serious life changing injuries in Greece that left him paralysed and in a wheelchair for life after a women pushed him off a pier into the water.[2]


Reece, 24, a talented football coach, was in Kavos in 11th June 2017, a resort on the Greek island of Corfu, on the last day of his first holiday abroad with friends,[3] when a prankster pushed him off a pier into the sea, this left him in a wheelchair.[4] Later, he discovered that his paralysis would be incurable. He had forever lost his favorite hobby, amateur football tournaments. YouTube responded to this by informing all its users that videos containing irresponsible, violent, or dangerous jokes will be automatically deleted not to let anybody make money on this type of content.[5]

Reece neighbours from Stepney and wellwishers held a fundraiser, they are organising a charity football match on June 10, 2018.[6]

Joining Ability Bow in October 2018, Reece quickly found both the physical and, even more importantly mental health benefits of the gym to be incredibly beneficial.[7]