Queen elizabeth hall undercroft

The Undercroft

The Undercroft of the foyer building of The Queen Elizabeth Hall in South Bank, London has been popular with skateboarders since the early 70's and it is widely acknowledged to be London's most distinctive and popular skateboarding area. The area is used by Skateboarders, BMXers, Graffiti Artists, Photographers, Buskers, Performance Artists, as well as many other creative personnel.


Proposed ClosureEdit

Although they constitute a notable feature of the Southbank Centre, it was proposed that the area would be redeveloped, however a statement from the Prime Minister's office (reported in Time Out August 2008) may save the undercroft.

A successful campaign was undertaken by Long Live Southbank

Popular CultureEdit

  • In the pilot episode of Britannia High, some of the primary characters were seen dancing in the undercroft.

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A photographic archive of the graffiti can be found at The Graffiti Archaeology Project.

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