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Theodore Magnus Wechsler (1906-87) was a solicitor, chess player, and local politician.

He became articled as a solicitor in 1929,[1] entering into partnership with George Henry Freeman as Freeman Wechsler & Co. The partnership was dissolved in April 1932.[2]

A member of Holborn Borough Council, in 1937 he was elected to the London County Council as a Municipal Reform Party councillor representing Holborn. Due to the Second World War elections were postponed and he held the seat until 1946. In September 1940 he received an emergency commission, initially as second lieutenant in the Royal Artillery.[3] By 1944 he was a captain in the Royal Army Service Corps, and was awarded the MBE for his services in Sicily.[4] By the end of the war he had been promoted to the rank of colonel.

At the 1946 London County Council elections he was re-elected as a member of the Conservative Party: the Municipal Reform party having been absorbed into the Conservatives. In June 1948 he was appointed a governor of the Hospital for Sick Children.[5] He was a member of the executive of the Jewish Society for Human Service, formed in 1948 by Victor Gollancz.[6]

In 1949 the boundaries of the electoral divisions used for electing county councillors were changed, and Wechsler contested the new seat of Stepney, but was unsuccessful.[7] He was instead elected a county alderman by the council itself, resigning his seat on the county council in October 1952.

Some details of his (and his brother's) chess career here


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